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Being a judge at the Global Bilingual Sales Competition (GBSC) consists of evaluating undergraduate students in 15-minute simulated sales calls using the role playing technique. The student plays the role of a salesperson and sales professionals take on the role of the buyer. Each judge will evaluate between 4-6 students, the number depending on the round.


Some role plays are in English and others in Spanish, depending on the round.  Judging is done by sales faculty, competition sponsor representatives, sales alumni and business/sales professionals from global organizations.

The role plays will be conducted in FIU’s Global Sales Lab, housing 12 rooms equipped with recording and playback capabilities. Judges watch the role plays live through video streaming in a room with 3-4 other judges.


As a judge, you will be part of a collaborative learning environment and a contributor to the development and education of these students. It’s a great way to give back. You will be providing feedback on how the student can improve his or her sales skills.




  • Arrive at the FIU Modesto Maidique Campus (MMC) and park at a Student or Faculty parking space. Do not park in an Administrator or Executive space to avoid an expensive parking violation. Access details at:

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the round you’ll be judging. Report to CBC 232 (Special Events Room), at the top of the atrium stairs.

  • At CHECK-IN, you will receive a judge # and room #. Please keep this information handy. IF YOU ARE JUDGING MORE THAN ONE ROUND, YOU MUST CHECK-IN FOR EACH ROUND.

  • You will be assigned a Judging Proctor (Volunteer) that will assist and guide you through the judging process. Please wait for the Proctor who will walk you to the assigned judging room. Stay with your Proctor and please don’t wander off.

  • You must be in your judging room 10 minutes before the round is scheduled to begin.

  • You will be judging 4-6 Competitors, depending on the round. Once a role play begins, you cannot leave the room. All cell phones must be turned off. There is no texting allowed during the role play.

  • In between Competitors, you will have a 3-minute bathroom break. You must be back within 5 minutes or we can’t start the role play! 

  • Complete the Judging Sheet:

    • Check that all sections of the Judging Sheet are bubbled in and include the name of the Competitor

    • Provide written comments to the Competitor

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