Global Exchange

This GBSC kick-off event serves as an ice-breaker and warm up for participants. It will take place at the FIU Main Campus.


The Global Exchange is made up of two parts, the Elevator Pitch Competition and the Sponsor Showcase.


Elevator Pitch: Each competitor will present a 45-second elevator pitch and then engage in a 3-minute feedback session with the sponsor judge. Competitors will communicate a personal statement that summarizes who they are, what defines them, what they stand for, what they know, what they look for, and how they create value.


Each judge will also evaluate the competitor’s feedback interaction. The top scores will be recognized on Saturday, March 2. 

Sponsor Showcase: After the Elevator Pitch Competition, competitors and GBSC sponsors will network and explore opportunities. The sponsor will host a table to showcase the company and the available career opportunities. Competitors should be prepared to ask questions, share their resume and build their network of business professionals. Think of this as a mini-career fair.